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PhysioPraxis1060 - Christoph Öppinger
The point of contact for physiotherapy
in Mariahilf

The practice

After a couple of years of self-employment, it was time for a change of scenery and a renovation - this is how PhysioPraxis1060 came into being

We are an association of independent physiotherapists, fasciopaths, neurokinetic therapists in Vienna 1060, Mariahilf.

Each and every one of us is a passionate physiotherapist and has found his way into physiotherapy in different ways.

We all specialize in a holistic approach to physiotherapy.

Cost and reimbursement

We are elective therapists !
But we work with all health insurances so that you get a partial reimbursement from everyone.
More about it here .

We do not differentiate in physiotherapy which therapy area is used - everything is offset under physiotherapy and therefore costs the same.

1h -100 €

How much you get reimbursed depends on your health insurance company.

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