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Physiotherapy 45 min

100 €

Physiotherapy 60min

120 €

Why are there no other time units with you?

We want to take our time for you and are of the opinion that a well-built and structured physiotherapy unit should have a certain amount of time. We have set this for us at 1 hour.

Why do you only offer physiotherapy even though you work with fascia therapists, neurokinetic therapists, etc.?

We are all in the basic training "physiotherapists" and identify ourselves as such. No matter what training we have done - we are and will remain so.

We have all put a lot of money and effort into our training courses, but we are of the opinion that we cannot or should not separate our training / further training courses from normal physiotherapeutic treatment - they flow into the treatment. That is why we cannot and do not want to make any monetary differences in treatment. You always get the full package of knowledge and training. We're not holding anything back just because you've chosen a different subject.

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