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Christoph Öppinger


Working as a personal & fitness trainer since 2012 and as full-time physiotherapist since 2016. I was able to gain experience in South Africa at the Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town and at the Steve Biko Hospital in Pretoria, South Africa.

Since 2016 active in the Rehab Center Penzing and since 2019 self-employed in the PhysioPraxis13.


Since 2021, I had the possibility to expand my self-employment into Vienna's 6th district with the PhysioPraxis1060.


Sports: Taekwondo, tennis, mountaineering (via ferrata / ski tours)


Training / advanced training:


  • Since 2021: CRAFTA (treatment of the Jaw joint and surrounding area)

  • 2021: Traumatology of the fascia (scars and wound treatments in the various healing stages)


  • 2018-2020: Integrative fascia therapy according to Andreas Haas - fasciopathy:
    - Neurogenic fascia therapy (work on mobilizing the fascia layers of the nerves)
    - Visceral fascia therapy (mobilize the fascia of the organs, vessels and layers)
    - Vegetative fascia therapy (stimulate the vegetative nervous system to get better / more adapted therapy reactions from the body)
    - Somatic fascia therapy (mobilize and move the fascia of muscles / joints)


  • 2017: SPS - spiral stabilization (spine)


  • 2013-2016: Physiotherapy (Bsc)


  • 2013: Myofacial trigger point therapy


  • 2013: Kettelbell Instructor I & II


  • 2012-13: Commercial masseur
    - Reflexology
    - Dorn & Breuss techniques
    - Back special


  • 2011: Dipl. Personal & Fitnessrainer


Work experience:


Since 2012: freelance personal & fitness trainer
2012 - 2013: Personal & fitness trainer in Holmes Place Börseplatz, 1010 Vienna
Since 2016: Physiotherapist at the Rehab Center Penzing, 1140
Since 2019: Self-employed physiotherapist and founder of PhysioPraxis13

Since 2021: Founder of PhysioPraxis1060

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